Signing-up to Becomics


You can use the site, read comics, share them on social media and do many more things without signing up. But you must sign up if you want to upload your own content, comment, rate, and more.
In order to sign up, you can choose 1 of 3 methods: Facebook Signup, Google Signup, or Email Signup using an email and a password.
If you choose to sign-up by email, you will have to verify your email address you provided during the registration process. Any email address may only be associated with one account.
If you encounter any problems signing-up, please contact us.

User Creation

Display Name - Every display name is unique on the site and may only be used by one user. With that, you may change your display name from your profile. If you own a trademark for a name that is already in use by another user on the site please contact us.
Note: only you can see your birth date, gender, and email on your profile page. This information is not shown to other users.
To upload a profile picture, simply click on the profile picture from your profile page, and choose a new file to upload.

Signing-in to Becomics

with Facebook/Google

If you used Google or Facebook to sign-up, you may not use the email login method. But, if you signed-up through Facebook, you can use Google to login to the same account, and vice-versa. This will only work if the email associated with both Facebook and Google is the same.

with Email

If you used your email when you signed up, you may use the Facebook and Google login if the email address associated with them is the same address you used to sign up, and only if the email you used was verified.
If you are experiencing any difficulties signing-up or logging-in, please contact us.


In the profile page you'll find the user's comics, and his information.

About Section

About section
In this section, you’ll find your personal details: your display name, your gender, your country, etc.
Note: Your email, gender, and birthdate are only visible to you. Other users cannot see them.

Comics Section

Comics Section
This section will display all the user uploaded as well as the comics in which they are credited.

Series Section

Series Section
This section will display all the series a user created.

Change Details

Profile section
To change your details, go to your profile page by clicking your icon in the header, and then press the 'about' tab in your profile page.
About Section
Now, click the item you would like to change. When you click the item it will become editable and you'll be able to modify your information.
Note: Display names are unique and may not be used by more than one user at a time. If you own a trademark or any rights to a certain name, and this name is already in use by another user, please write to us.
Your email is not visible to other users. You may not change an email address at this time.

Change Profile Picture

Profile pictures are displayed as a 1:1 ratio. You can upload a picture in any ratio but it will be cropped to a square.

To change your profile picture, go to your profile page by clicking on your name or icon in the header.
Profile picture in the header
Now simply click your profile picture (or the default sillhouette picture if you didn’t upload a picture before) and you’ll be able to choose a new file to upload.
Choose the file, and you’re done.

Becomics Player

Reading Modes

The Becomics viewer is where you can read comics.
Our platform currently has two reading modes:

Becomics Mode
In this mode (If available), you’ll experience the comic the way their creator intended them to be viewed, with transitions and animations.
Becomics mode button

Free navigation
In this mode (If available) you’ll be able to view the comics freely, as you would traditionally. You could move the page by dragging it, and zoom in and out with the mouse wheel (or by pinch zooming if using a phone).

Pages Navigation

In case you want to skip to a specific page of the comic, you can use the Page Navigation button.
Page navigation Button
When you click it, all the pages of the comic will be laid-out, and by clicking a page, you’ll be redirected to it.

Full Screen

If you wish to read a comic in full screen, press this Full screen button on the right side.
If using a phone, tap the screen to make the transport appear.
To exit full screen press the ESC button or press the full screen icon on the transport.

Sharing comics

Sharing Your Comics

To share a comic, go to the the comic's page you want to share and click on the "Share" button.
Share Button
You can choose the way you want to share a comic; You can either share it in social media, copy a sharing URL link, or embed the comic to your own website or blog.
Also, you can decide whether you want to share the comic from the beginning or from the current page you're in.
Share Start Page

Embedding Your Comics

To embed a comic, go to the the comic's page you want to share and click on the "Share" button.
Share Button
In the textarea in the 'Embed' section, copy the code. Next paste the code in you website. (note: the website must accept HTML for embedding to work)
You can change the player's size by changing the width and height of the link.
Notice: The ratio of the player will always be 16/9. If your change the size to a width and a height that is not 16:9, the viewer will shown the comic in a 16/9 ratio canvas, and will add spare height or width in the frame.

Uploading Comics

Create a New Comic

  1. press the upload button on the top of the page (note: you must be logged-in). You will be redirected to the upload page (uploading is not available on mobile devices)
  2. Upload button
  3. In the upload page you can upload image files by clicking the 'add files' button or simply by dragging and dropping the files onto the upload area.
  4. Once the files are done uploading, you can sort the order of the pages as they should appear in the book. Do this by dragging and dropping the pages.
  5. Give your comic a title, a synopsis, choose a 'cover photo' (The cover photo will be the image shown on the website).
  6. Choose the language of your book (if there’s more than one, choose the main language), its genre/s (every book must have at least one genre), some tags (every book has to have at least one tag) and choose whether the book is public, unlisted or private. If you don’t want your book to be published before you edit it, choose the “unlisted” or the “private” options.
    - Public is the default option. If your book is public everyone can read it. It will be shown on your profile, in search results and in the homepage page.
    - Unlisted will make your book private (meaning it will not appear on your profile page to anyone but you), but will be available to whoever has the exact url address of the book . This option is good, for example, for showing your book to friends for feedbacks before publishing it or if you intend to embed the book on your private website, but don’t want it to appear on Becomics.
    - Private means no one but you can view it. It will not appear in search results or anywhere on the site, and even if a user has the exact url for your book, he/she will be blocked from viewing it.
  7. Choose the presentation mode of you comic.
    - Free Mode Only will cancel the 'Becomics Mode' (if one was created) and is the default option if you haven't created a 'Becomics Mode' to that comic. In the free view, the reader will be able to click on your comic page, drag the page and zoom in and out, giving the readers freedom to read your comic the way THEY want to.
    - Becomics Mode Only Will cancel the Free Mode and will let you choose exactly how the reader will read your comic, using the Becomics Editor. If you chose that option but didn't create a Becomics mode, the comic will be shown in a Free View mode.
    - Let Readers Choose is the default option. It will let users decide if they prefer to read it in Becomics mode or Free Vuew mode. When set to "Let Readers Choose", a comic will always start up in Becomics mode first.
  8. Link your comic to a series. If you don't have one you can click on the 'New Series' and create one.
  9. If you were not the only one who worked on the book , fill-in the Credits section. You can tag collaborators whether they have a profile on the site or not by typing their name (or if they’re members, they’re display name). If you tag them, the book will also appear on their profile page.
  10. You will than have an option to edit your upload using our Editor. If you choose to edit the book in the editor, you'll be able to add animations, tweens, and various other actions to control the way users will experience your work.

Cover Image

The cover photo is the first impression people will get from your comic. It will be shown around the site and in your profile. Users will be able to view your comic by clicking this image.

You can choose the cover image in the upload page by:
  1. clicking this icon Choose cover image button that appears under each one of the pages you uploaded.
  2. By default, the cover image will be the first page you uploaded.
Notice: the cover image’s ratio is 16:9. If the image you are using exceeds that ratio, the image will automatically be cropped into the correct ratio.

View Your Comics

  1. Go to your profile by clicking your image at the top of the page
  2. Profile picture in the header
  3. In your profile page, choose the 'Comics' tab at the top.
  4. Comics section

Edit Your Comics

In your profile page, in the comics section, you will see a pencil icon on top of each book when you hover with your mouse. Edit button
By clicking on this icon you will be able to change the book's name, description, as well as add or remove pages, choose a different cover photo, add credits, genres and tags, change the comics privacy and edit your comic in the Becomics Editor..

Delete a Comic

In your profile page, in the comics section, you will see a pencil icon on top of each book. Edit button
By clicking on this icon you will be redirected to the 'edit' page. At the bottom right of this page you'll have a button saying 'Delete comic'. By clicking it, the book and all of its pages along with it's editor settings (if you edited the comic in the editor) will be removed from the site.
Delete button

Read Your Comics

You can read your books by going to your profile page, in the comics section and clicking any cover image, or the book's name.


Create a New Series

There are two ways to create a new series:
  1. In your profile page, go to the Series tab
    Series section

    then click on the "New Series" Button.
    New Series Button

  2. When you create a new comic, you can click on the "New Series" link.
    New Series Link
    It will open the series creation page in a new tab.
In the series creation page, you will be able to add the series name, synopsis, a banner and a cover image.

The Banner Image will be shown on the top of series page.
The banner's ratio is 5:1. You can upload a picture in any ratio but it will be cropped to the correct ratio automatically.
The Cover Image will be shown in your profile's 'Series' tab.

Linking Comics to Your Series

If you want to link a new comic to a series, click on the 'Upload' Button on the top of the page (Note: You must be logged-in).
Upload button

If you want to link an existing comic to a series, to your profile page:
In the comics section you will see a pencil icon on top of each book when you hover with your mouse. Edit button
By clicking on this icon you will be redirected to the 'edit' page.

You must have a series before linking a comic to it. If you don't have one, look for the series section
Series section
and click on the 'New Series' link that appears on the top right of the series box. It will open a new tab, where you will be able to create the series.

To link a comic to the series, just click on the series checkbox. It will open the series you've created. you can also start typing the series name in order to find it more easily. To choose the series you want to link the comic to, simply click on that series.
you link a comic to as many series as you'd like.

Edit Your Series

In your profile page, in the series section, you will see a pencil icon on top of each book when you hover with your mouse. Edit button
By clicking on this icon you will be able to change the series's name and synopsis, choose a different cover and banner images and reorder its comics.

Delete Your Series

In your profile page, in the series section, you will see a pencil icon on top of each book. Edit button
By clicking on this icon you will be redirected to the 'edit' page. At the bottom right of this page you'll have a button saying 'Delete series'.
Delete Series Button
By clicking it, the series will be removed from the site. The comics in the series will NOT be removed from the site, they will only lose their association to that series.

Reorder Comics in Series

In your profile page, in the series section, you will see a pencil icon on top of each book when you hover with your mouse. Edit button
By clicking on this icon you will be redirected to the 'edit' page. There, you'll see the series' comics.

Comics' order
The series' comics are ordered from top to bottom, from newest to oldest, meaning, the first chapter in the series will be shown at the top of the page.

To reorder the series order just click on a comic and drag it to where you want it to be in the series.

Guidelines for Creators

General Guidelines

Artists may not use Becomics to upload sneak-peaks or previews of their comics.
Creators who want to promote their paid/free content on other platforms, blogs or in their own websites, are welcome to do so either by adding a link the comic's synopsis, by adding a link in their profile page, or by using the comic's last panel. But the uploaded comics must stand by themselves or as a part of a series uploaded to Becomics.

File sizes and formats

Pages in your comic
For pages in your comic we currently support .JPG, .PNG, and .GIF file formats. We will introduce .SVG support in the next few weeks for a totally scalable experience! For cover and banner images you can use .PNG, .JPG, .GIF, .BMP, and .JPS file types

Size Limit
Currently, the size limit for pages is limited to 15MB each, but we found that for a smooth reading experience, pages that are up to 3-4MB work best.

Cover Images
Cover images are displayed in a 16:9 ratio. You can upload a picture in any ratio but it will be cropped to the correct ratio automatically.

Mature Content

Pornographic material or sexually explicit content is not allowed on the site in any case.

Comics that contain one or more of the followings should be marked as 'Mature Content':
  • Nudity - Nudity or intense sexuality.
  • Strong language - Excessive profanity or Sexually explicit language in the comic itself, the name of the comic, its description or its tags
  • Brutal violence - Particularly graphic or gory violence
Use your best judgement.
As a rule of thumb, if the comic contains something you wouldn't feel comfortable showing your mother, it probably should be marked as adult content.

Becomics Editor

With the help of the editor you can enrich the reading experience of your work by choosing how your pages and panels be displayed.

Select Area Tool

Select area tool
The Select area tool appears in the tool menu on the left of the viewport.
The select area tool does two things.
  1. It zooms to the area you selected
  2. It places the mask around everything else (if the mask is active)
When clicking the icon, the mouse cursor will change.
In the viewport, click and drag to mark your selection.

Mask Tool

Mask tool
The Mask tool appears in the tool menu on the left of the viewport.
With the mask you can hide parts of the viewport.

You can change the mask's shape by dragging its handles to the desired position.
You can move the entire mask by clicking the mask itself (not the image) and dragging.
You can still move the image when the mask is active by clicking the image itself and dragging.
To turn off the mask click the mask tool icon again.
To change the mask's shape or color as well as control some advanced options, use the properties menu to the right of the viewport. (This menu only appears when the mask is active).
Mask options

Rotator Tool

Rotator tool
The rotator tool appears in the tool menu on the left of the viewport. By clicking it, the rotator tool will open.
  1. Move the rotator to the desired center of rotation (drag and drop).
  2. Use the handle on the rotator to rotate the page to the desired angle.
Tip: when dragging the handle, the farther your mouse cursor is from the center of the rotator, the more control you'll have over the rotation.

Reset Viewport Tool

Reset tool
The reset tool appears in the tool menu on the left of the viewport.
By clicking it, the page will return to its original position in the viewport and all the tools will be turned off.
This will only affect the panel you are currently editing, it will NOT reset your entire comic.

Move between Pages

Your book is often made up by multiple pages (each file you uploaded).
The page number you are currently editing appears above the viewport.
Page navigation
If you click the page number, a menu with all the pages of your book will be shown. The editor will load any page you click from the menu.
Alternatively you can click the arrows next to the page number to move to the next/previous page.

Note: All the panels and changes you made for a page are saved automatically, there is no need to save when moving between pages.

Undo and Redo

You can undo and redo actions in the editor.
To undo: press Ctrl+Z/Cmd+Z
To redo: press Ctrl + Y / Cmd + Y or Ctrl + Shift + Z / Cmd + Shift + Z

The Timeline

The timeline appears at the bottom of the editor page. It shows you all the panels/frames for the page you are currently editing.

Notice: The way the panels appear in the timeline is the way they will appear to users in the viewer.
When you first enter the editor, by default you will already have one panel in the timeline. The panel will always looks similar to the viewport. When you change something in the viewport, the selected panel in the timeline will update automatically.

To add a new panel, press the 'Add panel' button at the right side of the timeline.
The new panel will always appear on the right of the current panel. When you create a new panel it is selected automatically. The new panel will be similar to the previous one until you edit it.
If you do not add panels, the users will experience each page as one panel.

To change a panel you already edited, simply click on it in the timeline and modify it the way you want.

To reorder panels, simply drag and drop a panel in the timeline to the desired position.

To delete a panel, click a panel in the timeline (make sure it is selected) and press the 'Del'; key in the keyboard - Or - hover above the frame you want to remove and click the delete icon. Delete panel button


Transitions options

Transitions are used to change one frame to the next.
By default, every frame will transition to the next frame by moving, scaling, and rotating to the correct position.
You can change this default setting from the Transition Options in the Properties Menu in the editor (The menu on the right side).

In this menu you can choose between three types of transitions:
  1. Move transition Move: moves, zooms, and rotates the frame to match the next one
  2. Dissolve transition Dissolve: fades out the current frame and fades in the next
  3. No transition None: No transition will be applied and the change from one frame to the next will happen immediately

You can also choose how quick the transition will occur by changing the value in the Time field.
The time measurement is done in milliseconds so write '1000' if you want the transition to last 1 second, ‘5000’ if you want it to last 5 seconds, etc. Usually for normal transitions a setting of more the 1000 milliseconds will be too slow and might harm the user's experience when reading your comics so make sure that you have a good reason if you want a transition to last more than 1000 milliseconds.

In the same menu, you can also choose the type of easing you want the transition to have.
The easing is the character of the transition.
There are currently 8 easing types:
  1. Linear (Default) - the transition will occur with no special easing
  2. Speed up - The transition will start slowly and gradually speed up
  3. Slow down - The transition will start quickly and gradually slow down
  4. Ease in out - The transition will start slowly, speed up, and then slow down again.
  5. Bounce - The transition will create a bouncing effect like a ball dropped on the floor
  6. Elastic - The transition will create an effect similar to stretching and releasing a rubber band.
  7. Back in - The transition will back up before moving into the correct position
  8. Back out - The transition will move into the correct position, keep going, and then back up to the right spot.

Require user input
The last option in the transition menu is called ‘Require User Input’ (On by default).
This is used to create transition between multiple frames at a time.
If a frame has this option turned off, than once the viewer moves into the correct position, it will immediately move to the next frame (without having the user press 'next'). This can be used to create more complex animations and transitions.

Discovering Comics


In the homepage you’ll be able to discover popular comics, new ones, and featured ones, and you may filter them by genre.
To find comics of a certain genre, choose the genre you’re interested in from the list on the left side of the screen. All the comics shown will be ones that belong to that genre. To cancel the genre filter, click the word “All” at the top of the genre list.


You may search the site by a book’s name, description, tags, and other parameters.
Note to comics creators: the more details you add when you upload your work, the easier it will be to find by other users.



Lougout button
To logout, simply click the setting icon and choose logout.

Report a Bug

Report a bug Button
In the setting menu in you’ll find a “report a bug” option.
To report a bug, click it, and a window will pop up.
In this window please include as many details as you can about the nature of the bug. Also tell us what you were doing when the bug occured.
Try to be as specific as you can so our developers could reproduce the bug you encountered and fix it.

Reporting a bug is very important, only with your help we will be able to find bugs and fix them, please notify us about every thing you find, big or small.