Aaron J.
Aaron J.

Aaron J.

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Aaron Jay

  • From: Northtown, __, USA
  • Age: 32
  • Height: 5' 8" tall
  • Hair color: Dirty Blonde with a white patch, yeah, that thing is real
  • Likes: Drawing, Batman comics, Sports, Drinking, Video Games
  • Dislikes: Spiders (to a certain extent), confined spaces, being treated like a child (which happens alot)


Aaron Jay's personality can be basically summed up by imagining if Charlie Brown grew up and became somewhat jaded to the world surrounding him. Mostly the small town he came from didn't make matters any better due to the town being closed-off and covered in a perma-fog that makes everything shades of gray.

He spent most of his life being very quiet, most people thought he was a mute because he rarely talked until he hit ten.

Even then it wasn't much until he one day he was working at the local coffee shop where he completely lost it.

Turned out ol' Aaron had alot to say. Not alot of it was very nice, especially towards his own town.

From then on it came to light that he was kind of a loner, liked to draw and had a crush on a red-headed girl from college and dated a girl that became his boss at the Coffee Shop after they broke up for...god only knows.

Anyways..flash forward three years later..

While talking with said boss, a former co-worker overheard that he wanted to be an artist of some kind and volunteered to help out, which in her own "Follow my instagram" sort of way..it did.

(to be continued)

Mindy Cartel

  • From: The circle of Hell, Limbo, on the shore of the River Styx
  • She's the youngest daughter of the Angel of Death.
  • Age: 2,925 (has earthly appearance of a female, 25-29 years old)
  • Height: 4'10"
  • Hair Color: Neon Pink with a white streak
  • Likes: Her theater, spiders, her fiancee Aaron Jay, the arts, reading.
  • Dislikes: Lenore, and being thought of as a sex-crazed valley-girl.


Mindy Cartel is the recognized Spider-Queen of Death in Heaven, the Living Realm, and Hell itself.

However, due to circumstances back in 1609 she was barred from entering any further into Hell due to an altercation between herself and the "Forgotten One" Lenore. Though due to conditions, she may enter Limbo, one week a year, to replace the ferry-man Charon as the Boatman for the souls bound for those dreadful gates.

On earth however, she resides in a mausoleum that she remodeled into a mansion and lives there with her older sister Katrina and her pet Hell-Spider Roscoe. For work/enjoyment she also owns the First City theater where others can lease the stage from her and hold concerts and such.

On the surface, Mindy looks like an average 25-29 year old female though she's millenia older, she can change into her "Irish-Lass" form upon command when meeting new people though her natural look is Neon-Pink hair, and chalk white skin due to it being her reformed ashes. Besides the most obvious features of Mindy's body, one of her more defining characteristics is her eyes.

Mindy's face has two comma-like black patches surrounding her yellow-red eyes and they go down to her jaw.

Upon touching them, one feels nothing, when she blinks her eyes completely disappear into the voids that are on her face.

That's because those are from the Void that surrounds the deeper layers of Hell.

Her abilities include: Shape-shifting (usually into Drider forms), wielding a dual-bladed scythe she calls "violet", flight..somewhat. Teleportation, and can summon webs, fire, and various other elements into existence when she needs them.

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