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Dr. Henry Jekyll

Dr. Jekyll is the brilliant, kind yet very meek protagonist of MK's Jekyll and Hyde. He is a man of honour and good values whether they are scientific or family, and only means well. However, he lacks the courage to confront people or stand up for himself which makes him very prone to being walked on. This lead him to doing research on how to better the self through science. The result was his Hyde Formula which was meant to remove all of the drinker's vices, but when he tested it on himself, his vices merely took on an identity of their own... Mr. Hyde!


Louis is Jekyll's loyal and highly intelligent cockatoo. Being an animal, his mind and spirit work different from those of a person so he is the only individual who can see and hear both Jekyll and Hyde regardless of who is in control. So far, he is also the only one who knows their secret.

Edward Hyde

Edward Hyde is Dr. Jekyll's alter ego or for a lack of better words; his complete opposite. Edward is cocky, wild and does anything he wants and takes anything he wants without a second thought or a moment's hesitation. He is also a terrible flirt and very impulsive when it comes to his emotions. While he claims to live solely for himself, he does not like it when people use others to get what they want and when he finds out that the Board of Governors ruins lives this way, he has made it his personal mission to rebel against them through mischief.

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