Kreston Bach

Kreston Bach

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As hard as he tries to be a good recent high school graduate. Once he graduated at 18 years old, he loves sex and can not get enough.

Sissy Destructor

Series about sissy submissives who are monitored, controlled and watched by their Master, who finds the biggest, most muscular, most hung men to use and abuse them. Kink fantasy.

Red Hot

He was nicknamed that because of his red hair. He's also the quarter back of the football team in school, the star of the soccer team, an aspiring bodybuilder and has the world at his feet. He is huge in every way. He has the girls and boys chasing after him at every corner. He particularly loves being a Bull for cuckold couples.

King Of The Building - Comics

He is so big! He is so large! He is so sought after! Everyone wants The King Of The Building. (Comic Strip)

Mr Harold - Bisexual Cuck

Follow his adventures as an older bottom man who loves to share his wife and enjoys the company of men himself.

Sissy Toomash - Extraordinary!

He lives as a married straight man. He runs a multi-million dollar company, but at night, he turns into Sissy Toomash! That's when the lust and fun begins.

Agent Slate - Bi Detective

He was betrayed when he was an elite member of special forces. He will get his revenge. In the mean time, he runs his detective agency with the help of his team using any means including sex to get the information their clients so desperately want.

Leslie Isodore World Traveler

Follow Leslie through his world travels and find out what sexual escapades he goes through in every trip. Exotic places and unexpected sexual practices await him and you!

Officer Butch Wilds

He is a cop! He is tough! He is rugged! He is also the biggest bottom in town. He seeks men at every corner and shares his flat with his straight friend Sheriff Cox.

Mario Silveria Bull

Mario enjoys taking over couples. He particularly enjoys taking gay couples as his own. See the story unfold of how he can take two loving married people and take them as his property!

Iron Bull - Trucker

He drives his truck from town to town taking every woman and man he wants for himself. Sexual escapades await in every new town!

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