What's New

Apr. 13, 2017

Your new profile

TONS of changes and new stuff!
Banner - Set the tone of your page with a big banner.
'Read' tab - From now on you'll see all your comics and series together in this new tab on your profile page.
'Subscribers' tab - Finally - Check who subscribed to you in this new tab on your profile.
'Credits' and 'Links' tabs - All the comics you've got credits. Also, the external links are getting a tab for themselves.


Always felt your characters deserves their own profiles? You were right!
You can create mini-profiles to each one of your characters and link each character to the series it appears in.

Rich text implementation

We now support rich text, meaning you can design your about page, as well as your comics, series, and characters descriptions.


  • Comics recommendations were added to the player
  • Major loading time improvements
  • Lots of design improvements and tweaks

Feb. 22, 2017

New comic reader

We're very excited to launch our new comic reader!
The new reader was designed to use as much space as possible to provide an optimized reading experience.

Vertical reading mode

A brand new reading mode is here - Vertical mode!
You can now read in a new direction - From top to bottom

Filters on the discovery

You now have more options to discover the comics that fit best for you at anytime
You can find the new filters on the main page below the genres section:


  • Remember the "Becomics mode"? Lets call it "Hypercomic" from now on, shall we?
  • Faster load of the landing page.
  • Exterminated some nasty bugs.
  • Small design tweaks.

Jan. 18, 2017

Scheduled Comics

Creators can now upload their comics and schedule when they want them to be published.
For creators - On the upload page, In the 'Comic Status', you will find the new 'Scheduled' option. After choosing it you can choose the date you want your comic to be published.
For readers - There a new 'Coming soon' tab on the discover page. You can see there all the scheduled comics, ordered by release date.

Reading Time Estimation

On each comic you can now find its reading time estimation. The time estimation appears on the bottom right side of the cover.
The more you read - The better estimations you'll get.

Shortened profile links

You can now pick your own shiny URL link in Becomics. It'll look something like this: becomics.com/u/[shortLink]
To pick your awesome shortened link, go to the 'about' section in you profile page.


Creators can now also label each of their comics by its formats (Such as 'Black and White', 'Strip', 'One Shot', 'Hypercomic' and more).
These labels will help users to search for comics and for future events and features.


  • Comics will now show their last update instead of their creation date.
  • Bug fixes and design tweaks.

Dec. 4, 2016

You don't need to stop reading anymore - Go to the next chapter automatically!

How annoying is that moment when you get to the last panel and can't just go on to the next comic in that series?
From now on, when you reach the last panel/page of a comic, the 'next' button will automatically take you to the next comic in the series.
If there is no next chapter, it will go to the next related comic.

White canvas background is now available in Becomics mode!

In the Editor's 'General' properties, the creator can now choose whether the background canvas will be black, as it always was, or white!
The creator can change that option for every panel separately.

Shareable links to your comics and series

You can also access a specific book by typing becomics.com/b/[book id] (that weird collection of numbers and letters that appear in the viewer's address).
And you can access a series by typing becomics.com/s/[series id]

Improved player's free navigation viewer

Many of you asked that we optimize the free navigation on mobile devices, so we did just that!
The free view navigation will look great (and not cropped into 16:9) when reading it on mobile's portrait! Yay!


From now on you can decide what other people can see in your profile's 'about' tab! We thought it's about time to add some basic privacy and mailing settings.

Mature content

We've added a 'Mature Content' checkbox in the upload page. You can (and must, actually) mark your comic if it contains mature content. Not sure if your comic should be labeled as a mature content? Check out our guidelines.

Editors' picks page

You can now see all the editors' picks ever featured on Becomics here

Improved 'Trendy' algorithm



  • Winter is coming - It's snowing!
  • Improved site's security.
  • Small bug fixes.
  • Some core changes that won't be noticed now, but were made for some upcoming new features that we will reveal soon.

Oct. 26, 2016

This Page!

From now on we'll keep you posted on the new features we added!


  • You can now subscribe to users. You will notice a new section at the homepage titled "Subscriptions", it will contain updates from users you are subscribed to. You can subscribe to a user from their profile, their comics, and their series pages. You will be notified whenever a user you are subscribed to uploads a new comic, adds pages to an existing comic, adds a comic to a series, or creates new series.


  • Our viewer just got smarter! It will remember where you stopped reading a comic automatically. Next time you read that comic, you will have the option to choose whether you'd like to keep from reading where you stopped, or read the comic from the beginning.


  • Improved viewer's loading speed
  • A new section on every series page with your picture, and some basic stats.
  • New genre: Slice of Life.
  • "Read next" recommendations in every comic.